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My journey from Fat to Fit

There were hard times but I never gave up..... (Click on the image to read full story)

Here is my story………

Let me begin by saying that the four pictures in this collage are of the same person.

Left hand side (Vertical) – My recent pictures

Right hand side (Vertical) – This is how I used to look 17 years ago


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Five essentials of Healthy (Gluten-free) Baking

N.B. I use the words “Healthy” and “Gluten-free” interchangeably in my baking scenarios sometimes, but I do not label “Gluten” as “Unhealthy”. I left refined flour due to its limited nutritional value. I always prefer unrefined whole wheat flour, but when it did not give a good texture in my baked goods, I switched to other nutritious unrefined flours which turned out to be gluten-free by chance.