My name is Ginni sharma, and Live Learn Inspire is my initiative towards Healthy Lifestyle.

I would not prefer to bore you with my adventures; hence, I will keep it as short as possible.

If I have to describe myself, the quote in the above picture precisely defines my sense of purpose. I could not have used better words than those to summarize myself.

The cardinal objective of my life is to learn, grow, improve my work, and inspire others to do the same. I do not compete with others; I compete with myself to become a better person.

At the end of every year, I go through all the endeavors I worked on during that year. I love this little task because the activity of summarizing my work is crucial for the basic fabric of my happiness as it gives me an understanding of the new things I have learnt, mistakes I did, and areas of improvement.

I look forward to challenges; they help me grow and evolve provided you chose to learn from them.

I have a huge appetite to learn and to improve myself; it can be my work, my relationships, but, most importantly, my mistakes.

I do not take life for granted, ever. I value it; I understand its importance. I respect it, nurture it, and try to live it fully.

But, to be more precise, this is how I define myself:


1. I do what makes me happy.

If something does not make me happy, it is not worth my time and effort. Period. That is why, I ask people to figure out their source of happiness and spend their valuable time and energy on that endeavor.

I am a corporate drop-out. I left my lucrative-package job because my work was not challenging any more. I started disliking Mondays which was a big indication that I am not doing what I love. So, with the support of my lovely husband, I quit. In hindsight, that was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life as my voyage of self-discovery started from there.

2. I am an extremely strong planner.

I spend lot of time in planning before embarking on a new journey. I do not rush, and I research a lot to gather meaningful information. Planning is the most crucial phase as your thorough planning will make the execution smoother.

3. I follow Healthy Lifestyle and inspire people to do the same.

Recently, in one of my healthy sessions, I focused on the importance of hidden sugar in the processed foods. I explained to people that how much sugar we eat in a day unintentionally because we do not bother to read the nutritional information.

When I met with one of the participants few days later, the lady thanked me and said that how aware their family has become in terms of hidden sugar after my session. Honestly, I have no words to describe the happiness I felt after listening to those kind words.

Yes, this is the one of the goals of my life – to inspire people to become a part of my Healthy Lifestyle journey.

4. To respect my life, I live it fully.

Nobody is perfect; no relationship is perfect; our lives are not perfect; we are not perfect. The point to consider is that things are not supposed to be perfect. According to me, the objective of life is to grow, learn, evolve. And by describing ourselves perfect, we fail to achieve the objective.

I never call myself perfectionist because there is so much to learn. I do not aim to be perfectionist; I aim to grow and live a fulfilling life in this knowledge-searching journey.

Every morning should thrill us to look forward to the day.

About Live Learn Inspire……

This initiative is my labor of love; a platform for me to chronicle my adventures, learning, and knowledge to live a content life and to inspire others, most importantly.

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I look forward to connecting with you. In case you would like to reach out to me, simply drop an email at ginni.gs.sharma@gmail.com. 

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Join me in my journey. I welcome you all to my Live Learn Inspire program. I would love to hear back from you. Your feedback and support keep me super motivated.