Living a healthy life, Learning new things, and Inspiring others – This is the aim of Live Learn Inspire program.

It all started from Facebook, honestly. Let me share a small story with you.

I am a fitness enthusiast and exercise routine is a part of my healthy lifestyle. There was a time when I used to post regular updates about my exercise on Facebook every morning. The entire purpose was to motivate others to follow a fitness routine.

Due to some reason which I am unable to recall, I stopped posting the regular updates. And, to my surprise, people started sending me messages to inform me that they miss those exercise-routine updates. They asked me to start doing it again as those statuses truly inspired them to get out of their beds and go for exercise every morning.

I could not believe this. I never anticipated that people actually looked forward to those updates. I said to myself that if those simple updates can actually inspire people then why shouldn’t I go ahead and start a program to share information about healthy lifestyle? As we live in the era of social media, I decided to use this opportunity and inspire people to become a part of my healthy living journey.

So it all started from there. I became focused and determined to share valuable information about healthy living with the like-minded people.

About Live Learn Inspire…….

Live Learn Inspire is a platform where my purpose is to inspire you all towards healthy lifestyle. In other words, the program focuses on the following:

Healthy Living, Nutritious (Gluten-Free) baking, Wholesome recipes, Healthy habits, Happiness, Book Reviews, Inspiring stories etc.

We have just one life. Hence, the onus lies on us to respect it and take care of it. When we constantly indulge into unhealthy habits by consuming junk food, depriving ourselves of the required nutrition, and living a sedentary lifestyle, it is a sign that we do not RESPECT our body.

So let’s take a pledge to respect this miracle. Join me in my journey. I welcome you all.

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