Five essentials of Healthy (Gluten-free) Baking

N.B. I use the words “Healthy” and “Gluten-free” interchangeably in my baking scenarios sometimes, but I do not label “Gluten” as “Unhealthy”. I left refined flour due to its limited nutritional value. I always prefer unrefined whole wheat flour, but when it did not give a good texture in my baked goods, I switched to other nutritious unrefined flours which turned out to be gluten-free by chance.

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Red Bell Pepper Hummus

I simply love Hummus; I make it very often. It is rich in protein and contains the goodness of extra virgin olive oil.

After making basic hummus for countless times, I decided to flavor it with roasted red bell peppers one day. Trust me, I am never gonna make the basic hummus ever again because I simply loved this one.

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