Savoury Crackers

This was my first Savoury attempt. Yes!!!! I did it. So here comes the first savoury recipe on my blog.

With the goodness of Almonds, Rajgira/Amaranth grain, Sesame seeds, Flax Seeds, Nigella Seeds etc., these crackers turn out brilliant and I paired them with my favorite condiment – Guacamole.

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Coconut Brownies

If you ask me to list down some of the amazing flavors of food in this world, coconut will be in the top three. After spending more and more time in the southern part of India, my fetish for coconut has grown over the years. Hence, after making tons and tons of fudgy brownies, I decided to make coconut brownies one day.

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Chocolate Banana Bread

As I have mentioned in my Banana Muffins post, Banana is a versatile fruit. You can do so much with it. Once I cracked the gluten-free banana muffins’ recipe, my next big step was to make gluten-free banana bread. However, this time, I wanted to merge another flavour, and the first thought which came to my mind was – Chocolate.

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